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Large Group Facilitation

"Our first Hematology/Oncology staff retreat in several years was co-facilitated by Patty and Tricia who were at the top of our list to engage as presenters.  They not only did not disappoint, but exceeded our expectations.  The day was a perfect blend of information and experience, both professional and personal, exemplified in the balance of their own personalities and experience.  We are a large and very diversified group: Medical docs, RN's, LPN's, Cancer Counselors, Medical Assistants, Oncology pharmacists, lab techs - so to provide a good experience for everyone was a challenge well met.  The feed back was consistently positive.  We highly recommend them!"   Ruth Bach Kaiser Permanente

Communication Coaching

"Patti is exceptional and I learn something new each time that I listen to her present."

"Bring Patti again.  She is always energizing and on track with relevant information.  Great strategies to improve communication."

"Love Patti — she is in the right vocation for her style, personality, delivery.  Bring her back."

"Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to support the development of multiple work teams.  Some come together with ease while others require extra support, direction and guidance.  In 2008, as a Director, I found myself needing to remove a department manager and rebuild a front-line work team.  It became immediately clear to me that despite my prior experience, this particular team had long standing, negative and destructive tendencies relative to teamwork.  The department lacked respect, trust, confidence and empathy, despite operating in a very sensitive medical arena.  Having worked with Patti Lind through other projects, courses and team building efforts, I called Patti immediately!
    I have the upmost respect, appreciation and confidence in Patti and again she demonstrated her ability to produce unmatched results!  Patti worked with me, our physician leader and the team for several months.  Over this time, Patti conducted interviews, made assessments, developed trust along with expectations, challenged substandard practices and behaviors, provided coaching and ultimately reintroduced laughter!  The reversal of the team environment and dynamic was incredible.  I credit the success of this difficult turn-around to Patti, her expertise, professionalism, tenacity and obvious love of her work."
Sue Giboney – Kaiser Permanente


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