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Lind Consulting Group is a unique collaboration of experts working together to improve the performance of teams, especially in the healthcare industry. With decades of complimentary business experience, this gathering of associated colleagues are able to consult with one another in supporting clients with complex work environments. These recommended colleagues include:


Associated Colleagues

Shannon Fuchs — fuchsconsultinggroup.com
Shannon Fuchs has decades of experience and technical expertise in strategic planning, work process optimization and project management.  She also excels at the people side of those work processes and provides leadership coaching and strategies for creating a culture of engagement.  Shannon also presents workshops on communication and meeting facilitation.
For a more complete list of Shannon’s consulting services, please see her website fuchsconsultinggroup.com.

Susan Eliot — www.qualitative-researcher.com
Susan Eliot helps organizations tell their story by using focus groups, in depth interviews, and case studies to engage constituents, such as patients, in a meaningful conversation.  Managers find the information useful in measuring outcomes that are difficult to capture with numbers and in assessing the needs of those whose voices are seldom heard.

Teddy Gardner — www.partnership-works.com
Teddy is a certified life coach who also teaches classes in coaching and business leadership at Marylhurst University.  Teddy brings a diverse breadth and depth of experience to her work with clients in guiding them to address the changes they want to make in their life path by bringing out the extraordinary that is within every individual.

Sara Olson — www.olsonconsulting.org
Sara Olson is a health care consultant who assists medical groups improve their performance and clinical outcomes. She has 30 years in the health care industry and managed her own consulting firm for the past decade. Recent examples of medical group accomplishments include instituting effective quality improvement processes; implementing simple, effective tracking systems; using focused patient surveys to improve satisfaction; and development of an efficient clinic huddle process.

Lisa Davidson — lisadavidsonconsulting.com
Lisa Davidson works with businesses, teams, managers, and individuals to build strong communication skills, develop dynamic leadership strategies, and improve team effectiveness. She collaboratively assesses the unique needs of her clients and customizes her recommendations to address their specific interests. The solutions may include: training design and delivery; one-on-one communications or management coaching; public speaking or presentation design coaching; team building strategies; classes or seminars relating to communication or management enhancement.

David Seitz

David has an extensive business career in organizational effectiveness, change management, continuous improvement, operational analysis and business systems implementation. He loves to work on change and improvement initiatives, with a focus on practical applications and implementations. He has a passion for developing high performance teams and has developed proven strengths in:

  • Problem solving methods
  • Practical strategic planning
  • Team leadership
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Complex systems/process analysis

David's Resume

Consulting Clients: IBM, US Bank, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Drake Beam and Morin

Employers: Washington Dental Service/Delta Dental, Washington Mutual, Weyerhaeuser, PACCAR, ELDEC Aerospace

David has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business with a minor in engineering science from Seattle Pacific University and an Executive MBA from the University of Washington

What others say:

"Dave is a fantastic coach and facilitator with the keen ability to help individuals and groups see what next steps are required in order to accomplish those things that are most important to them. He also has a gift for perspective which serves to keep his clients grounded and focused on the right thing."

"Dave is adept at managing both people and tasks and has the ability to tackle any project or situation he confronts. He excels at developing solid and positive working relationships that is complemented by his deep subject-matter expertise. "


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