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Lind Consulting Group is a unique partnership of experts working together to improve the performance of teams, especially in the healthcare industry.

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Patti Lind - Communication at Work

Communication Workshops / Dispute Resolution - Portland, Oregon

Patti Lind specializes in the development of effective interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and group facilitation. She provides communication tips amd training to develop communication skills. She also helps businesses work with difficult people and difficult situations on their teams, and helps teams improve listening skills in the business environment. Her services are based in Portland, Oregon.

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  • Home: Patti Lind specializes in the development of effective interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and group facilitation. She works mainly in Oregon (Portland, Salem) and southern Washington.

  • About Patti Lind: With over 20 years experience coaching individuals and teams on communicating effectively in Oregon and Washington, Patti Lind has the know-how to bring positive change to your workplace.

  • Consulting Services: Patti Lind (communication skills consultant in Portland, Oregon). She offers communication training, teambuilding, relationship and individual skill development, listening skills development, help dealing with difficult people and difficult situations, and meeting facilitation.

  • Case Study: Read how Patti Lind's communication consulting helped one client overcome communication problems.

  • Workshops & Resources: Patti Lind offers public, hands-on communication workshops in Portland, Oregon geared to help teach constructive communication skills. She has also written a series of articles regarding effective communication skills and behavior that will help benefit you and your practice.

  • Contact: Contact Patti Lind to discuss how she might help your organization improve communication at work.

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