Case Study


In 2004, a medical clinic experienced sudden, tremendous growth. The number of patients visiting the clinic more than doubled and the increased workload placed a significant strain on the staff. When new people were hired, they had trouble integrating into the team. The office was crippled with conflict.

How Patti Helped

Patti had worked with this clinic for many years and she was the person management turned to. She consulted with management at the clinic on a course of action. The critical first step was to immediately hold a meeting, so that all members of the team could share their perspectives. Through this open communication forum, the clinic quickly identified its most serious problems and determined a plan to correct them.

The Result

After this first critical meeting, the emotional climate in the clinic improved very quickly. Patti facilitated a second meeting three months later and by this time, the worst of the conflicts had been resolved. Staff members felt recommitted to the team, had regained trust in the organization and each other, and felt confident about their ability to resolve disputes.

The entire team continued to meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year. Because of its dedication to effective communication, the clinic was able to improve and grow.

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